How I Use Data in Audio Engineering

Data collection is an important tool for business owners and people that want to use that data to analyse trends and develop strategies. With the data collected, decisions and improvements can be made in order to achieve desirable outcomes. The accuracy of the data collection is essential. In today’s blog, I will discuss how I use data as an Audio Engineer.

What data do I collect and how do I use it?
I use a range of data collected from various sources. The data assists me in many ways to improve my website, blogging and social media presence. The following paragraphs detail specifics of the data source and how I use that information.


Keyword Checker – I use a keyword checker to see how well my website is ranking. This is particularly important when I am making adjustments to the SEO of my website to improve its visibility. A less visible page will rank lower in search engines and if your site isn’t on the first page of results, 91% of people won’t even see it. A lower SEO rank equals fewer clicks resulting in less business, therefore, less income.

WordPress statistics of my blog

WordPress Stats – With this data, I am able to view a range of user statistics including, how many views, how many unique visitors, the country of origin, the page referrer, and the popularity of each blog post. I used this information when selecting appropriate keywords for posts to appeal to my target audience.

Soundcloud data – Likes, follows, plays and comments are all forms of data that can be used to see the popularity of particular songs.


An example of Facebook’s analytics displaying demographic information


Facebook Analytics – Facebook shows very detailed graphs showing various data about the page including view, likes, reach, engagements, video views and page followers. Further tables include specific information about the 5 most recent posts showing the levels of reach and engagement. From this data, I am able to see which posts were the most successful and use this information to tailor future posts.

In this blog, I have discussed the various sources of data that I use and how I use it to my benefit. The insight that I gain from this data is a valuable tool that will aid in the success of my website and social media accounts.

I endeavour to continue using this data to continually improve user engagement on social media. This will result in a more engaging user experience for my target audience and will in more clients for my studio, aiding to the success of my business enterprise.

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