New Studio Desk

New gear is enough to get any muso or audio engineer frothing, and I’m no different. Due to increased demand and the fact that my old console no longer meets my requirements, I am upgrading to a Toft ATB 32 channel large format analog mixing console. A few people that I know use the Toft or Trident consoles and I really like the sound of the British EQ, it is within my budget and suits my needs precisely.

Colin Desk NEW.jpg
Ultraphonic designed desk


To accommodate the Toft, I needed to get a desk that could house it and all of my rack gear. I contacted the guys from Ultraphonic at Stafford and told Alex my needs. After a few different variations, we settled on a design with the angled sides, 7RU at the top and 14RU underneath, giving plenty of room for rack items. After a couple of weeks, Alex told me that the desk was ready, so I went and picked it up.

_MG_2426 rev.jpg
Panasonic RAMSA DA7 Digital Mixing Console in the old desk

My old console was a Panasonic RAMSA WR-DA7 digital mixer. The DA7 is my first console and I learned a great deal about audio engineering using it. I even recently repaired a few components and gave it a service and I will reluctantly sell it at some stage. This console is fully functional, however, it no longer suits my needs.

Repairing and servicing the WR-DA7

Once all the cabling and rack gear was removed from the old desk, I took out the DA7 and assessed what I would do with the desk. The trouble is, I built the studio around the desk so there was no way it was fitting out the door. After deciding that selling it wasn’t worth the hassle, I chose the destructive method of disassembly, using a hammer whilst laughing maniacally.  Once the shattered remains of the desk were stacked in a nice firewood pile outside, I brought in the new desk and started assembly.


Ultraphonic desk

The new desk was a breeze to assemble. There were no hiccups and I am really happy with the design. Now the only thing missing is the Toft console! I have been waiting since early Feb for Toft to send one, but nothing is in Australia and the hold up is at the manufacturing end. I hope to hear back from them within the next few weeks as mixing in the box is ok, but the workflow will be so much faster with the console.

Big shout out to Great desk and those guys are a pleasure to do business with. I highly recommend anyone to check them out!